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Couch Guyz


Welcome to the beginning of couch guyz' legendarily epic, degen-riddled journey as he navigates thru the metaverse on his couch.

The collection:
3,328 Couch Guyz & 5 Couch Girlz

Phase i



The Couch Guyz hub will be a worry-free safe haven that will focus first and foremost on the Gen 1 collection reveal. The community will then react & organically grow from there based on ppls reaction to the artwork.

Phase ii

Couch Guyz Gen 2 will consist of a collection of 3333 Couch Girlz that will accompany your Couch Guy on his degen journey in the entire metaverse.

phase iii

A collection of 3,333 petz for your couch guyz and couch girlz will then be in order.


NFT Couch World

The couch guyz, girlz and petz will venture into the great landscapes of the metaverse far and wide with their couch and animals in tow. Making new friends and expanding their degen family along the way.

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